Family Reunion: Portraits by Timothy J. Clark

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All works are © Timothy J. Clark, 2022

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Family Reunion: Portraits by Timothy J. Clark celebrates this prominent New York and West Coast artist, whose art has been characterized by San Diego Museum of Art Associate Curator, Dr. Michael Brown, as “luminous … successors to [John Singer] Sargent’s ethereal atmospheres of light, mist and color.” Created specifically for the Howard University exhibit, these stunning portraits of the artist’s “family” of celebrated and creative friends reveals both final products and creatives processes, evidenced by the inclusion of preparatory drawings. The portrait suite includes likenesses of renowned visual artist Faith Ringgold and Gaye Ellington (Howardite and granddaughter of Duke Ellington), and master musicians Jack McVea, Teddy Buckner, Art Davis, and Michael White, among others from the world of jazz.