Policies & Procedures

Undergraduate and Graduate General Policies

Policies are subject to change during normal development, implementation, evaluation, and revision. Changes may become effective before publication of the next official Departmental Handbook. Without prior notice or publication, the faculty reserves the right to change the stipulations or requirements set forth in this Handbook. Through faculty collaboration of the Curriculum Committee, provided that the revision will at no time lengthen the normal period of  time required to obtain the desired degree; curriculum revisions may be made. If in the interim curricula changes are made and sanctioned by the Department, students are required to fulfill the total requirements of matriculating the scheme in force at the time of their declaration of an area of concentration.  Students may opt to remain within the requirements of their original scheme, or they may choose to adhere to the requirements of the subsequent curricula changes, made and sanctioned by the faculty during a student’s matriculation.  At the time designated by the faculty, such changes will become effective, published, and binding immediately.

  • There is a minimum of “C” requirement in all undergraduate area of concentration courses, and “B” in all Graduate area of concentration courses in the Art Department as designated by the Art Department faculty.
  • The faculty and coordinators may recommend a student for scholarship consideration in a specific area of concentration on a semester basis.
  • Students who do not initially (upon admission) indicate that they have a physical disability and who subsequently are recommended by faculty or claim to have one, must submit certification to the Office of Special Student Services from an official (Doctor, official records) verifying their disability.
  • Students taking courses in summer school or through the Consortium Program must receive prior approval from their area coordinators and must supply the coordinator with course descriptions for all courses they wish to pursue.
  • There will be no eating, smoking, drinking, or littering in the Classrooms, Studios, Laboratory spaces, and the Smart Room. Consumption of food and drinks in the hallway is permissible; however, personal responsibility must be taken for the removal of all trash.
  • Students will not be issued Departmental keys.

Course Overrides

If you are seeking an override into a course, please follow the instructions below:

  1. DOWNLOAD the form. SAVE it to your computer and RENAME as LAST NAME_FIRST NAME INITIAL_OVERRIDE.
  2. Open the document.
  3. FILL IN the "Student Data" section. There should be no blank or empty spaces.
  4. FILL IN the information for each course for which you need an override.
  5. SAVE the file to your computer. Make sure you RENAME the file (see #1).
  6. EMAIL the file to the professor who teaches the course for which you are requesting an override.
  7. The professor of the course will SIGN the form and forward it to the Program Coordinator, who will submit the form for approval.
  8. Students will be contacted by email when the form is processed and when they can register for the course.

Access the OVERRIDE FORM here.