Urban Transformations Symposium

Urban Transformations Symposium

<< VIRTUAL CONFERENCE Friday, September 18, 25 and October 2, 2020 >>

From Go-Go Chocolate City to Uber-Latte Enclaves: Aesthetics of Race, Place & Urban Redevelopment in the Capital City

The UTS, since 2009, gathers academics, community residents, activists, professional practitioners, and policymakers to collectively explore issues of urban revitalization, demographic shifts & political pressures, housing affordability, aesthetics and community place-making, and all other relevant matters toward creating equitable cities.

The 2020 4th symposium's agenda orients itself towards identifying and highlighting solutions. Panel discussions will consist of a community resident, junior academic, graduate student, visual artist, community advocate, and professional policymaker/politician.

Panel topics:

  • Aesthetics of Urban Revitalization - Murals, Music, Decor, and More. 
  • Beyond the Brick and Mortar of New Urbanism: The Economics of a Viable City.
  • Creative Capitalism and the Shifting Cultural Turf.
  • Policing and Public Safety in the State of Gentrification.
  • Women on the Frontline for Equitable Development and Affordable Housing.

We also invite and provide a platform for scholars and students to present posters and or a multimedia visual artwork on this topic during the forum.


Jacqueline Carmichael
Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Interior Design
Department of Art
Howard University, Washington, DC

K. Nyerere Turè
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice and Anthropology
Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT


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