The Photography program provides students with skills, techniques, and principals of conventional darkroom practices, which form the framework for digital imaging in advance courses. Color photography, taught in combination with Photoshop, adds another dimension to creative control and expression along with multi-media applications. Advance courses in Studio Lighting, Alternative Processes, and Independent Study, are designed to allow the student to produce portfolios from collective experiences and photographic knowledge.

Photography has undergone a revitalization with the rapid evolution of digital imaging. The ease and efficiency in creating an image is unprecedented. People who have never picked up a camera before are engaged in the photographic process connecting us in ways that brings the world closer together. The rate in which content is produced and distributed is just short of a blink of an eye as we explore new ways to communicate our ideas.

The photography program embraces these technologies while enforcing the principles of light, color and image capture for print and the Web. We ground the student in the fundamentals of basic darkroom techniques with black and white film and chemistry in producing a finished print. Other courses challenge your approach to thematic concepts where you express ideas illustrated through the images you produce. Through digital applications you’ll learn about basic color theory, characteristics and behaviors and how color impacts the image. The program rounds out with studio lighting, alternative processes and multimedia production giving the student necessary skill sets and collaborative working environments reflecting the current trends of the global market.

Photography Faculty